Infographic – The 9 Most Powerful Blog Promotion Tactics

Today, there’s no shortage of company blogs. Depending on the organization, the blog could be a post-per-month sidenote or a content marketing centerpiece. As content becomes a focal point for more businesses, blogs are beginning to trend toward the latter. Unfortunately, between a variety of other company blogs and personal blogs, there’s a lot of competition for a limited amount of attention. Many companies are left wondering how they can break through the clutter.

This Friday’s Infographic is on the subject of blog promotion. This infographic is an interesting example that’s entirely quotation-based. ReferralCandy asked 40+ marketing experts what they do to help their blog stand out. Their answers became the basis for the infographic.

A few tips from the infographic are worth looking at in more detail:

Respond quickly to trends – One of the key advantages of a blog is that you’re able to put out content relatively quickly (compared to a whitepaper, case study, webinar, etc.). This gives you the advantage of weighing in on trends and events before a lot of other sources. If you’re one of the first to cover a topic, your information becomes a resource for subsequent postings, leading to mentions and backlinks. It’s easy to get caught with content planned months in advance. This tip serves as a good reminder to make time for current events.

Get as much personal exposure as possible – This tip is somewhat counterintuitive. You might think that the time spent doing things like a guest post or interview isn’t the most effectively use of your time – especially when you could be doing something directly related to the blog. These type of activities provide two important values. First, they establish credibility (to people and search engines). Second, they create alternative pathways for viewer to reach your content.

Maximize the potential of social media – There are no shortage of posts about empowering content marketing through social media. The gist is that it’s important to utilize multiple channels, customize for each channel, and pay attention to post times.

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Infographic - 9 Most Powerful Blog Promotion Tactics by RefferralCandy



Let us know what you think:

  • How do you promote your blog?
  • Did any of these tips surprise you?
  • How could you improve you blog promotion?



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