Infographic – The Art and Science of Content Marketing

There’s an interesting duality in content marketing. On one hand, a content marketer has to be the right-brained writer/creative concerned with storytelling, audience emotions, and user experience. On the other hand, a content marketer also has to be the left-brained strategist concerned with planning, KPIs, and historical reports. The below infographic does a great job of outlining the creative and logical elements of content marketing.

The most important takeaway from this infographic is the “Know Your Strengths” section. As this section says, it’s important to know whether you lean toward art or science. Every content marketer is different when it comes to their location on the art/science spectrum. Some find writing blog posts and designing graphics to be the most enjoyable part of their day. Others would rather analyze the performance of the blog post and plan adjustments. Most people enjoy some combination of logical and creative tasks.

To judge where you fall on the art/science spectrum, consider the facets of your job that you most enjoy. Find where these items appear on the chart of right brain vs. left brain activities. When you know where you are strong, you can then use tools, resources, and conscious effort to support your weaker areas.


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Infographic - The Art and Science of Content Marketing by Kopost and Salesforce




Let us know what you think:

  • Where do you fall on the content marketing art/science spectrum?
  • How can you use this information to your advantage?
  • What job responsibilities are the most interesting to you?



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