Infographic – The Best Content Types for Each Stage of the B2B Sales Cycle

Various stages in the B2B sales cycle call for different forms of content. Choosing the appropriate form of content for these different stages is exceptionally important to reaching your audience, from the pre-sales phase to the final sales phase.

Blogs, white papers, detailed guides – content certainly covers a wide spectrum of forms and functions. The key is understanding which function is most important to your customer at their individual stage of the sales cycle. And once the sale is made, the need for content does not cease. In fact, according to the infographic, 80% of buyers want to continue to receive content after a sale is complete.

So how can you ensure the content being shared is the content your customer desires? Today’s infographic, provided by Eccolo Media, discusses the best content types for each stage of the B2B sales cycle. The data was collected from a survey of 100 plus B2B company employees responsible for buying decisions, or for influencing buying decisions. Respondents ranged from C-level executives to developers and came from a variety of company sizes.


Some notable points from the infographic include:

  • Blogs and newsletters present the problem, and therefore are most helpful in the early stages of the sales cycle.
  • White papers are most helpful in the mid-stages of the sale, as they help buyers understand the problem presented.
  • After a purchase is made, 36% of buyers are most likely to consume thought leadership content.
  • Only 2% of buyers deemed content unimportant after the sale is made.


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Let us know what you think:

  • Do you agree with the suggested forms of content at each stage of the sales cycle?
  • What content do you find to be most effective?
  • What is your greatest takeaway from the report?



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