Infographic – The Cost of a Lead

A lot of factors go into the pricing of a lead. Lead generation companies have to account for the topic, the asset, the size of the target audience, the targeting criteria, number of requested fields, and the presence of qualifying or disqualifying questions. Which such a large number of variables, the wide range of cost per lead (CPL) values is not surprising.

Variables also complicate one-to-one comparison between lead types and sources. More meaningful comparisons can be made by comparing lead sources to aggregated data. With industry benchmark data, companies can compare their prices and outcomes to those of an ‘average’ lead.

Today’s infographic comes from HIPB2B partner, Madison Logic. For this study, Madison Logic analyzed over one million leads. In the infographic, they present the average CPL for five of the most common lead generation industries. They also provide interesting stats and recommendations on the general topic of lead generation.

Key takeaways from this week’s infographic include:

  • Nearly 50% of B2B marketers will increase their lead gen budgets this year
  • A stunning 68% of B2B organizations have not identified their funnel
  • Less filters equate to lower CPLs. More filters does not always mean better leads.


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Let us know what you think:

  • What are your typical CPLs?
  • Do you feel they justify this value?
  • Which targeting criteria are worth the costs?

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