Infographic – The Email Marketing Cheat Sheet

Overwhelmingly, consumers continue to prefer to receive business communications via email.  Even with the rise of social media and various forms of mobile communication, by and large, email remains the most comfortable channel for branded communications.

Email strikes the perfect balance between mass and personal communications.  Email accounts are actively (sometimes obsessively) monitored, especially during business hours, but they’re also easy to step away from when desired.  Email addresses can be given out without the “always accessible” pressure of a phone number.

With email holding such an important position, it’s imperative that marketers effectively execute their email campaigns.  Today’s infographic, which comes from Marketo, provides a “cheat sheet” for email marketers.  It offers a variety of quick, digestible facts and figures to improve email marketing efforts.

Key points from this infographic include:

  • Top performers spent 57% more time on email strategy than average performers
  • 72% of those surveyed tested email subject lines, but only 26% tested “From” lines
  • Send emails earlier in the day to take advantage of the times when most emails are opened
  • 75% of smartphone owners say they are highly likely to delete emails they can’t view on their phones


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Infographic - The Email Marketing Cheat Sheet by Marketo



Let us know what you think:

  • What is your top takeaway from the cheat sheet?
  • What would you add to it?
  • Do you have your own cheat sheet or other quick-reference document?



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