Infographic – The What, When, and Who of Successful Emails

Millions of emails course through email service providers every day. This wealth of data gives attentive ESPs an interesting view into effective email marketing across various industries. In aggregate, the data provides great generalized insights, while it can also be segmented to draw industry-specific conclusions.

In this week’s infographic, Constant Contact puts their email marketing data to work. They set out to answer the what, when, and who of sending impactful emails. The infographic provides guidance on email content, timing, and engagement.

Some of the most interesting points from the infographic include

  • In most industries, early morning emails performed best
  • 5-7 clickable links is optimal in an email
  • 38% of opens come from 5% of openers
  • 33% of click-throughs come from 5% of clickers
Infographic – The What, When, and Who of Successful Emails v


Let us know what you think:

  • Which statistic in this infographic was most surprising?
  • Do the numbers in the infographic align with your findings?
  • Would you add anything?


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