Inside the Demand Generation Agency Interview Series Part 6 – Client Engagement

Cate Interview Portrait
Cate Miller
Client Services Director, HiP

Now in part 6 of our interview series, “Inside the Demand Generation Agency”, I’m speaking with Cate Miller, HiP’s Director of Client Engagement.

Cate was HiP’s first team member (after myself) and has been associated with the company for all of its 6 years of existence. While she’s worked in Data, Voice Prospecting, and Client Support, her current role is concerned with ensuring that HiP’s longer-term relationships continue to grow both in size and revenue. Despite a quota of over a million dollars a year, she manages to deliver consistently each month.

Let’s tune in to Cate’s comments as she explores her mission, challenges, and initiatives in 2015.


Can you tell us what Client Engagement’s mission is at HiP?

In a broad sense, Client Engagement’s mission at HiP is grow client relationships. To do this, I try to be as adaptable as possible and focus on client satisfaction.


When a current client runs a campaign, I am involved from the very beginning.   I quote new offers and coordinate campaigns in association with our Data, Design, and Client Services teams. I’m lucky to work in such a communicative environment; it certainly makes my job a lot easier!


By gathering knowledge from my co-workers and staying up to date on our current contracts and campaign schedule, I am able to give the best possible information to clients on new offers. This ensures we follow best practices and give the client the best achievable outcome!


How is HiP’s Client Engagement what is similar or different, based on what you know of this role at other B2B agencies?

One major difference in my role here at HiP, versus CE teams in other agencies, is my collaboration with other departments.  As I mentioned before, communication is key for success!


Another key differentiator is our detailed client records. This documentation allows for more insight when quoting new offers, suggesting timelines, and predicting yields. This data is not just my holy grail, it can also be useful to my teammates in Sales, Marketing, and Client Services.


What’s ‘a day in the life’ like for HiP’s Director of Client Engagement?

Though I try to plan as much of my day out as possible, the majority of it is unpredictable. I handle everything from quoting new offers to drafting insertion orders to covering off on broadcast schedules and deliveries with clients. As Client Engagement Director, I have to be ready for anything!


What safeguards or processes are used to make sure we meet client expectations?

At HiP, we have our own set of unique “best practices”. To guarantee that we can deliver our clients the best possible leads, we segment our data into target groups, based on various fields from our database (department, employee range, title level, etc.). Therefore, we only send a client’s campaigns to the group that is most likely to consume the content. Over our long campaign history, we’ve discovered optimal broadcasting times, which we use to drive the most engagement.  We are also very conscious of fatigue to our contacts and we make sure to leave an appropriate amount of time between scheduled broadcasts to the same group. This ensures that people stay interested and consume the content without feeling harassed. Finally, our data is also consistently hygiened, which helps us make sure we have the most up-to-date information on our leads.


When a client relationship is damaged, do you have techniques for conserving the business?

Absolutely – although we never want that to happen – we always have to be prepared for such a situation. As I said earlier, we listen to clients and try to accommodate them as much as we can.  Obviously, there are some situations where both sides are just too far apart.  Even then, we do everything we can for a clean and amiable break.  This goes back to being easy to do business with, we do our best to be a well-oiled machine here at HiP.


In the remainder of 2015, what are Client Engagement’s biggest challenges and initiatives?

I’d say our biggest challenge for the remainder of 2015 is scaling.  Between onging business with our current clients and constantly incoming new business, we have to grow to meet increasing demand.  Client Services is always trying to build upon the prior month’s business, which means there are always challenges ahead. There’s nothing I want more than to see HiP continue to grow and enjoy even greater success!




Let us know what you think:

  • Do you have any questions for Cate?
  • How do you continue to engage your clients?
  • How is data involved in your client engagement process?

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