Learn How to Make Boring Products Exciting Using These Tips

Not every product or service is going to be exciting, groundbreaking, or wildly appealing. That’s just the reality of marketing, especially in the B2B space.

But just because something is not inherently exciting doesn’t mean it’s not valuable.

Maria Kondo’s “Does it spark joy?” doesn’t cover the practical. Sometimes offerings are needed but aren’t necessarily joy-inducing.

At least not on their own.

It’s like waiting in line for a rollercoaster. The process isn’t particularly enjoyable, but the payoff is worth it.

Your offering probably doesn’t lead up to a rollercoaster ride, but that’s okay. You can still make your offering more enticing.

Show others experiencing the offering

When you wait in line, some of your time is spent watching the riders on the ride you’re waiting for. They are yelling or laughing with hands up or clinging to the bar for dear life. You spend your time watching them, getting excited for the ride, aided by the current riders’ expressions and screams.

Case studies and testimonials have the same role in making your offering more exciting. Customer testimonials that get your audience excited about your offering and how it benefits their company and career.

They also add humanity. It’s sort of exciting watching an empty rollercoaster run along the tracks, but the faces of other people enjoying it are more sellable.

Cultivate the environment around the offering

An amusement park is an exciting place. You have a bunch of people eating junk food, flipping around on metal objects to achieve adrenaline boosts, all while baking in the blistering hot sun on a sea of endless blacktop.

Even though it’s hot, the environment of an amusement park is designed to be fun. Often, they have themed walkways or buildings. There are games of chance around every corner.

The setting where your offering is promoted is crucial. In most cases, your offerings are listed on your website.

Make sure your website is inviting, appealing, maybe even a little fun. Just because it’s B2B doesn’t mean you have to feel confined to muted blues and greys. Make it interesting and unique. Make it fun.

Capitalize on what’s new

New rides are more exciting than old rides. Ride that rollercoaster of demand. When you’re releasing a new product or service, harness the natural demand that the new offering brings.

Talk about it before release to get your audience interested. In the same way that seeing a new rollercoaster on the skyline tantalizes more people to ride it, your offering can be promoted in the same way.

Surround your offering with good companions

Everyone knows that the right amusement park companions are critical. They’re the people you chat with when you’ve been in line for an hour and are only halfway through the line.

In B2B, the equivalent to this is responsive SMS and chat features, with connection to a real and knowledgeable expert.

It’s also in the form of brand ambassadors and influencers, as well as satisfied customers talking about your brand on social media.

I’ve always enjoyed waiting in line for rollercoasters that have facts about the rollercoaster posted in line as your wait.  Learning how high the drop will be or how long the rollercoaster is or the G forces you’ll experience on the ride are excitement inducing.

Some of what makes rollercoasters that much more interesting is their theme. In our local Six Flags parks, most of the rides are based on superheroes and villains.

This makes the ride that much more appealing. This post uses metaphor to make it more interesting while relating it to something that enhances your understanding of an abstract topic.

You can do the same thing with your offering. Sit down and figure out ways to explain your offering that aren’t obvious. Use them to make a tricky concept clearer, but take care to not overcomplicate.

Trends influence which rides are popular. For example, at Six Flags, a new movie about a superhero might cause an increased demand to ride the ride.

Use what’s trending right now (Game of Thrones? Avengers?) and make passing mention of it. This works for design trends, copy trends, headline formats, etc. But, as with many things, keep it to more of a garnish than a main course. If you are too trendy, it makes your brand seem like a bandwagoner.

Waiting in line for your favorite rollercoaster can feel excruciating, but often its livened up by the environment, other customers, metaphor, style and more.

Your offering is no different. Some products are practical, but it doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Try spicing them up with these tips. Let us know how it goes.


Let us know what you think:

  • What do you do to spice up your boring offering? 
  • What’s your favorite metaphor for abstract topics?
  • What is the most creative way a B2B brand spiced up their abstract offering?


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