Overcoming the Top 3 Obstacles to Lead Generation Success, Part 3 – Limited Content Creation Abilities

About a month ago, we kicked off our “Overcoming the Top 3 Obstacles to Lead Generation Success” blog post series.  In this three-part series, we examined each of top lead gen challenges as named by more than 400 marketing professionals in an eMarketers/Ascend2 study.  In the first installment, we looked at overcoming issues with data/list quality, while in the previous installment, we talked about developing an effective lead gen strategy.  Today, we conclude the series by discussing the last of the top three obstacles: limited content creation abilities.

Obstacles to Achieving Important Lead Generation Objectives Chart

Content is central to lead generation – there is no lead gen without content.   Whether inbound or outbound, the amount and quality of content will directly affect a company’s ability to generate and convert leads.  Content is needed to drive the initial lead capture, as well as maintain the relationship and nurture a lead to conversion.

To fulfill lead generation’s rigorous content needs, companies essentially have two options: in-house content creation and outsourced content creation. In both varieties, resources are the limiting factor.  In-house capabilities are limited by internal expertise and availability, while outsourced content creation is capped by budget.

Short of simply getting more resources, there’s not an easy way to completely eliminate content creation challenges.  That being said, there are steps that can be taken to do more with limited content.


Addressing Content Creation


With limited content creation resources (time, money, manpower, etc.), the only way to produce more is to become more efficient or tap into sources that would not have been otherwise utilized.


Getting More from Current Assets

The first method to drive more value from content is to promote across channels.  It goes without saying that digital content should have a presence somewhere on your web properties (and gated where appropriate).  To achieve full value, content should also be promoted through one or more outbound channels.  Distribution through social media and email (house or third-party) are both great options.

Similarly to multichannel promotion, repurposing is a great way to enhance the value of content.  It’s important to reinterpret, not repeat, existing content.  Formats need to be dissimilar enough that the content feels fresh, but similar enough to keep the repurposing process manageable.  For example, an infographic can be sliced apart to form an interesting SlideShare.  Along the same lines, multiple related blog post can be combined to create a substantial white paper.


Resource-Efficient Content Creation

Curation is an incredibly efficient way to create content.  The basic premise is to add value by collecting and consolidating meaningful information, rather outputting completely new content. Curation can be done equally well with your own content or that of others.  Though it obviously must be used in combination with original content, curation can provide additional content with a fraction of the resource investment.

In addition to curation, content can be created efficiently by leveraging internal expertise and relationships.  For example, interviewing a department head or executive can provide all the information needed for an asset and saves on preliminary work (researching, synthesizing, outlining, etc.).  Likewise, guest posts and other cobranded content allow you to draw from the content creation abilities of your partners. In either case, though both approaches still require some work on your end, you’re able to create more content by optimally utilizing available resources.




Let us know what you think:

  • How do you create content?
  • Do you view content creation as a challenge?
  • How would you address content creation challenges?



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