The 10 Web Design Trends to Look for in 2022

We’re back for our 2022 edition of web design trends for the year.

On our list of 2021 trends, after a chaotic mixture of COVID-19 and politics in 2020, we touched on what we could expect for the year ahead. 2022 seems like it’s reflecting a lot of what we designed in 2021, with some added flare.

Living in a pandemic world for two-plus years has brought us a new sense of normalcy and experience (whether we like it or not). Many of us have settled or are trying to settle into new routines, lifestyles, and rituals. This return to routine has offered a level of encouragement and reassurance, and design this year is ready to reflect and reinforce that. It also means we’re due for more fun and less disruption.

The overall atmosphere for 2022 trends encompasses playfulness, optimism, positivity, and fun. You’ll see this tone expressed through interactive typography, bold colors, joyful features, and fun graphics.

1. Bold, expressive, & narrative typography


2. Bold & exciting colors

3. Brutalism


4. Compartmentalized content & symmetrical layouts

5. 3D & illustrations

6. Complex & fluid gradients

7. Animated type & interactive fonts

8. “Scrollytelling” is the new storytelling


9. Glassmorphism

10. Whitespace and minimalism/fewer hero images

You’ll notice that a lot of these trends overlap. The Scrollytelling trend can incorporate fun illustrations and bold typography, maybe with a bit of glassmorphism. The brutalism trend tends to coincide with the organized and compartmentalized trend.

To 2023 and beyond

If the overall vibe of 2022 is playfulness, optimism, positivity, and fun, what can we expect in 2023 and the years beyond? Perhaps comfort, nostalgia, and muted tones. Or maybe we’ll go in the opposite direction, towards festivity, futurism, and neon. Where will we be in our pandemic world?

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