The Digital Marketer’s Spring-Cleaning Checklist

It’s that time of year again – time to deep clean your home, office, and digital marketing strategy.

Refreshing your digital marketing from top to bottom at least once a year is key. Your computer, both physically and digitally, needs a good tidying. Your social media accounts and blog need to be neatened and spruced up. And your marketing strategy needs a good primping and polishing.


Clean up your computer, phone, tablet, etc. – both physically and digitally – to allow your devices to run smoother. We recommend cleaning up your devices before anything else. With a clean toolset, you can wrap up your spring cleaning a lot smoother and quicker.

Physically Clean Your Devices

Wipe down keyboards, monitors, and screens.

Disinfect every surface of your devices on a regular basis, especially during COVID-19.

Digitally Clean Your Devices

Make sure to clear:

  • Trash
  • Browser data
  • Downloads folder
  • Cache
  • Mail junk folder

Alternatively, you can download an app or program to do this for you, such as Disk Care for Apple computers.


Keeping up with the world of social media is challenging enough, let alone balancing your own accounts on top of that. Doing a social media health check every so often makes it easier to keep up and can prevent possible mistakes.

Clarify Social Media Permissions

Clean out your account access: Look into whether social media platforms have accidentally, or by default, been given permission to access other sources of data.

Refresh Passwords

Create new passwords for every account for proper security precautions. This should happen every few months and can be an easy process with a password manager. My favorite is Dashlane.

Rectify Broken Links

Go through your social accounts and blog and check for broken links; Pinterest is notorious for broken links.

Optimize Images

Optimizing your images on WordPress includes: Assigning your images a Title, Alt Text, and Description for improved SEO. Make sure all past and present images are still hosted and visible to viewers.

Proofread the Past

Run a spelling and grammar check over older blog posts. Use Grammarly or have someone else proofread your posts.

Clear Out Spam

Go through your blog and social accounts to check for spam comments.


A strategy that works is terrific but a strategy that shines is tremendous. Tossing out old ideas, learning new skills or mastering your area of expertise, and creating content for the future are great ways to polish your marketing strategy.

Toss Out Stale Ideas for Something Fresh

Any stale ideas you’ve been trying to make work but just can’t – scrap them. Spring is the time for new ideas and new strategies.

Soak Up New Insights

Learn something new. Find a course to learn a new skill or improve upon what you already know.

Build Future Content

Create content ahead of time. A lot of us have more free time than we did prior to COVID-19, which allows for plenty of time to think ahead. Write blog posts, create social posts for future holidays, plan for new email designs.

Every spring-cleaning routine should include a solid dust, scrub, and polish, whether it’s in your kitchen or your marketing strategy. Keeping things clean and tidy ensures a smooth-running, well-oiled approach to any strategy. Add this checklist to your spring-cleaning kit and get started today.


  • Have you started your digital spring cleaning yet?
  • What do you think is the most beneficial tip on this list?
  • What else would you add to this list?


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