What Type of Content is Best for Lead Generation?

You need more leads to fill your pipeline. After all, you need a certain volume of leads to ensure that your marketing machine churns out sales-ready buyers.

But what kind of content do you need to draw in leads and ensure they convert?

First, you need to make sure that your content is accessible to those at the top of the funnel. It’s tempting to use the content you already have, but is it a good fit for lead generation?

What does that entail?

Avoid Nitty Gritty Jargon

Content at this level should be easy-to-read and not loaded down with industry-specific terminology and acronyms.

Obviously, your readers will have a certain level of education and knowledge. Write at that level, but for early lead gen, keep the language simple and accessible.

Avoid product-pushing

In early-stage lead generation, nobody wants to hear about your product. When I work on HIPB2B’s production side, I notice that brands often send us assets that are too pushy to work at the top of the funnel.

Maybe, at the very end of the asset, you can mention that you have a product that can help. But a passing mention should be the extent of it. You need to reinforce that your audience has a problem by entertaining or educating them about it.

Don’t lead with a case study on your specific product or offering. Top of funnel content needs to be much broader than that.

Inform them, don't try to sell them

What are you supposed to tell them if you can’t sell them your product?

You want to teach them about the problem they’re having.

You either want to inform them of the problem or inform them about the problem. You can start by helping them define the issue they’re having, then start them down the path of potential solutions.

What forms can this come in? We asked our VP of Sales and Client Success, Zach Klinger. He recommends:

  • Infographics – These visual aids are a perfect fit for lead generation. They are perfect for sending out on both social media and in emails. They are easy to digest, visually oriented, and perfectly poised to attract new leads to your brand.
  • On-demand webinars – webinars are another good tool for top-of-funnel leads generation. They establish your brand as a thought leader and give potential leads information and tools to help solve their problem.
  • High-level ebooks and whitepapers – Because you are working at the top of the funnel, make sure that any ebooks you create are high-level. That means create how-tos and introductory content that provides value no matter where potential leads are in the funnel.

The leads you are gathering here are not sales ready.

Maybe a few of them are close but pushing them towards a sale so soon is akin to walking up to someone, introducing yourself, and immediately trying to get them to buy some skincare products from you.

Familiarize them with your brand and get them used to the idea of your brand serving as a guide to solving their issues.

Save In-Depth Content For Later

I know you just wrote an amazing piece of content that really gets into the meat of an important topic in your industry.

Not only that, it positions your brand and offering perfectly within that lens.

Why shouldn’t you send it out?

Brand new leads aren’t ready for that depth yet. They will be ready for it later when they’ve learned more about their problem and are closer to finding a solution.

Wait to serve them that meaty piece of content. You risk alienating potential leads early on if you give them something too specific. Save middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel content for those who have shown they want/are ready for it.

Variety is the spice of lead generation. Strategic use of this variety will make it that much easier for you to fill your pipeline with leads that will convert. Keep in mind who you are talking to, how much they know about your brand, and what questions they ask in those early stages.

From there, choose content that is easily accessible to a wider audience. This ensures you net everyone who is qualified without risk of alienating some of them with overly specific content. Give it a shot.


Let us know what you think:

  • What is your top performing piece of content for lead generation?
  • What made it so successful?



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Indeed, content plays the essential role in lead-generation. Best content = Best Lead. Thanks for sharing.

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