HIPB2B helps businesses connect with interested individuals at the companies they want to reach. Founded in 2009, we have grown from a handful of family members in our founder’s garage to today’s thriving team.

Over this time, we’ve perfected a demand generation process using a combination of marketing automation, outbound, digital, and behavior data to serve your content to potential leads. When they interact with your content, we validate their information and deliver only the most interested engagers to you.

We draw from a database of over 28 million contacts, sending only to those contacts that match your targeting criteria. Together with HIPB2B, you can broaden your reach within core audiences or gain traction with fresh demographics.


We have a formidable database, filled with millions of actively-validated contacts, from which our data specialists assemble an audience matching your exact targeting criteria.

We fulfill your campaign rapidly, usually within days of you sending over your content.

We curate our data so you don’t need to worry about the connections you receive being ready for nurture. HIPB2B’s dedicated Data Verification team ensures every lead delivered to you has current, accurate contact information and company details.

A Group Effort

HIPB2B also sponsors the 8,400+ member Demand Generation and Content Marketing Group on LinkedIn. Our group is a platform to discuss relevant topics, ask questions, and share opinions with thousands of like-minded professionals. We take pride in maintaining a brand-neutral, spam-free environment.


Our team has grown from just two people in a garage into a company with employees based in the Capital Region of New York and scattered across the United States.

Bret Smith
Bret Smith
CEO, Founder
Terence Devine
Chief Financial Officer
marcia - headshot
Marcia Smith
VP of Financial, Administrative and Creative Operations
zach zk - headshot
Zach Klinger
VP of Revenue Operations
alexis - headshot
Alexis Rivera
Art Director
Erinn St. Croix
Erinn St. Croix
Senior Operations Manager
dan - headshot
Dan Leifer
Senior Operations Manager
Jennifer Taylor
Data Verification Manager
Andy Frye
Andrew Frye
Data Operations Manager
Caitlyn Smith
Caitlyn Smith
Web Designer | Social Media Manager
steve polomaine - headshot
Steve Polomaine
Sr. Operations Analyst
cate - headshot
Cate Miller
Data Verification Supervisor
Steve Taylor
Data Verification Analyst
gabe - headshot
Gabriel Losey
Operations Analyst
Rose Swider
Rose Swider
Data Verification Analyst
morgan - headshot
Morgan Klima
Data Verification Analyst
Lynda King
Lynda King
Data Verification Analyst
new team member placeholder
Allison Teetsel
Content Creator
willie - headshot
William Smith
Vice President, Treats

If you have any questions or you want to learn more about our demand generation services, send us an email by clicking below.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Phone: +1 518-512-0975
81 Miller Road, Suite 800, Castleton-on-Hudson, New York 12033
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