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White Paper

Creating Content that Converts
Successful Lead Generation
The Savvy Demand Marketer’s Guide to Inbound and Outbound Lead Generation
Driving Demand Using Engagement Data
The Small Business Marketers Guide to Engagement Data
Lead Nurturing: A Practical Approach to Advancing Leads in the Funnel
Historical Behavior Scoring And the Crucial Role of Contextual Data in the Marketing Funnel


Inside the Demand Generation Agency Interview Series
The Comprehensive Guide to Outbound Lead Generation

Case Study

Case Study: HIPB2B Remarketing Helps Adobe to Convert Near Misses
Case Study: HIPB2B Outbound Lead Generation Connects Influence & Co. To A New Audience
Case Study: HIPB2B Helps PointAcross Gain the Attention of High-Level Executives

Use Case

HIPB2B Satisfies Clients and Scales Business with Integrate
HIPB2B Act-On Use Case

Our media kit has information for potential customers on kinds of work that we can do for their businesses. If you are searching for a demand generation services, look no further. We have a successful track record of helping businesses grow by pairing them with the B2B strategies that fit their needs.

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