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What kinds of businesses does HIPB2B work with?

If you are a business selling to other businesses, HIPB2B can be a valuable partner. We specialize in working with software vendors across verticals, including wholesale & distribution, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services.

Here are some types of companies who benefitted from working with HIPB2B:

  1. A marketing services firm looking to acquire new mid-market enterprise customers.
  2. A product engineering firm that wants to serve growth-stage startups in the big data space.
  3. A B2B-focused SaaS startup looking to engage with functional leaders in service industries.
  4. A mid-market enterprise looking to partner with specialized technology firms.


What does HIPB2B do?

Classic Lead Generation and Campaign Engagement Data are options to help you expand your reach and connect with interested individuals in your target audience.

Whether you run campaigns with HIPB2B or on your own, HIPB2B’s Supplemental Content Creation offering can turn your existing content into a ready-to-run email campaign.

What’s the difference between Classic Lead Generation and Campaign Engagement Data?

The difference is the presence of a form.

In Classic Lead Generation, we’re delivering those who filled out a short form to get your gated content. In Campaign Engagement Data, we remove the friction by constructing landing pages that have a “click to download” button with no form present.

In both scenarios, full business card data of each lead is provided.


If folks don’t complete a form, how much will you be able to tell me about them?

We can tell you the same information about a contact whether they fill out a form or not.

HIPB2B’s database has full business card data on all our contacts.  We’re able to append this information to an interested user with or without a form completion.

We can also share their browser, operating system, IP, and device, along with the type and time of their actions taken.


How large is your contact database?

28 million records.


What do we need to get started with HIPB2B?

To get started, you’d need to define your target audience. This can be done by:

  • Industry
  • Job Title
  • Company Size (by annual revenue or number of employees)
  • Job Departments
  • Job Levels

Once your target audience is solidified, HIPB2B needs some of your content. With both of those in hand, we can build your campaign, go to market, and generate your leads.

Finally, if you have any target account lists or suppression/competitor/customer lists, those can be implemented to ensure net-new leads.


Who makes the creative materials? Do I get to see it before it runs?

You provide HIPB2B with a piece of content to promote. From there, we will create supplemental content, consisting of a responsively designed email, landing page, and thank you/confirmation page.

You have full control over creative materials. Nothing is sent without your explicit approval.

What kind of content should I promote when running a campaign with HIPB2B?

Think high-level, top-of-funnel content. Focus on all-encompassing white papers, ebooks, or on-demand webinars. You want to get them familiar with your brand and save the meaty content for lead nurture.


If I don’t have a white paper, ebook, video, or an on-demand webinar, what content can HIPB2B work with?

Starting with one of your popular blog posts, cases studies, or infographics, HIPB2B can repurpose this content into a fully branded PDF. From there, we can create the supplemental content needed to run your campaign.


How long are HIPB2B forms?

All HIPB2B forms contain four standard fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Company Name


Can HIPB2B ask additional questions on the form?

Upon request, we can add up to 4 custom questions in addition to the standard fields.

Keep in mind, an ideal form would have zero present. However, in some cases, additional information is required.  We recommend keeping custom questions to a minimum to maintain lead volume and control costs.

Remember, all other standard data points are backfilled from our pre-validated database and subsequently confirmed by our contact verification team.


Can HIPB2B run named-account campaigns?

Yes, we can! We run this named-account campaigns daily.


Can HIPB2B send traffic to one of my pages or to a client’s website?

HIPB2B operates on a closed-loop model. Meaning, we do not send traffic out to domains that aren’t ours. Unfortunately, we cannot send traffic to one of your pages or a client’s website.


How does pricing work?

Pricing is done on a cost-per-lead (CPL) basis. HIPB2B and our clients agree on a CPL and pre-determined lead volume for a campaign.

Upon completion of that campaign, you are invoiced for the number of leads multiplied by the CPL. Traditionally, $4,000 is the minimum campaign expenditure.


What’s a ballpark cost per lead (CPL)?

In general, CPLs are dependent upon your target audience and what special requirements you have for the campaign. That dictates both CPL and lead volume. In most cases this number falls between $20-$40.


How long until I get a lead delivery?

We will broadcast at an optimal time for you.

We send out your campaign, then wait 24 hours for potential leads to engage. From there, we validate contacts and deliver leads to you.

You will get a lead file around 48 hours after submitting your content.


Can you do a live lead delivery?

We can deliver leads into your CRM/marketing automation system; however, we do not support live delivery at the moment a lead completes a form.

That’s because leads will sometimes put in dummy information to receive content. Our contact verification team confirms all business card info prior to our lead submission. Due to this, we submit approximately 48 hours after broadcasting to ensure validity.


What’s the duration of a typical HIPB2B campaign?

A typical campaign with HIPB2B is 30 days long, but we do support campaigns that go much longer. Quarterly, 6-month, and year-long endeavors are also common.


Account-based marketing, ABM

In most business decisions, there are as many as 6.8 stakeholders involved in the purchase decision.

Account-based marketing targets multiple stakeholders at a company as opposed to just one contact.


The practice of using data to answer specific, business-related questions.


A term used internally at HIPB2B to describe the PDF, ebook, etc. authored by the brand used for campaign production.

A/B test

A method of marketing experimentation that pits one tactic, copy, headline, etc. against another. Also called split testing.



An abbreviation for business-to-business.


A direct business client or an agency working on behalf of a business client.

Business-to-business, B2B

Hyphenated (abbreviation: B2B). This is when one business is selling to another business. You can use B2B in web copy and blog copy without spelling it out first.

Buyer Persona

Buyer personas are snapshots of types of customers you serve. This is a method of segmenting your audience to understand how to serve the differing personalities that have a need for your offering.


Call-to-action, CTA

These are the moments when you ask a viewer, lead, or potential lead to take an action.

This can be anything from “Download Here” button on a landing page to an invitation to schedule a call.

Campaign Engagement Data

A form of demand generation where your content is circulated to your target audience without the use of a form.  These frictionless campaigns are aimed at capturing high-level interest around a topic.

Clickthrough Rate

This measures the rate of people who received or saw your content, and how many clicked through your CTA to a landing page.

Contact Verification (CV)

Contact verification is the process that HIPB2B uses to verify that each of the leads we deliver has valid contact information.

We use both phone calls to gatekeepers and internet research to verify the business card data of leads.


Data Marketing

The use of data like clickthrough rates, engagement rates, and more to determine the interest of leads in content and to determine what kinds of content are effective.


Email Marketing

A form of digital marketing where you or a third-party send emails to potentially interested parties with objectives ranging from brand awareness and lead acquisition to lead nurture and purchase.

Evergreen content

Content that doesn’t go out of date. This can include industry knowledge that doesn’t change or only needs slight modifications as time passes.

Evergreen content is a great fit for HIPB2B’s email marketing services .



The person who answers the phone when our team calls to verify the contact information of an interested party for your email marketing campaign. This is often whoever takes care of the main desk or primary company phone number.



A digital marketing agency that uses a combination of email and data marketing to deliver leads.


This refers specifically to HIPB2B’s company blog and those that work on it.



Those individuals that serve as role models in their industry. You want to reach these people to get them to represent your brand, as many in the industry will look up to them and respect their opinions.


A form of visual content that typically displays complex or abstract ideas in a more easily digestible format.

Check out our original infographics .


Key Performance Indicators, KPI

These statistics track your organization’s success, set by the goals you develop for the brand and its marketing.


Landing Page

This is the page that usually contains a form. Your lead can click through any CTA to reach a landing page.

After a lead completes the form, they will click through to receive a gated piece of content or other offer.


An individual who has provided contact information and, in doing so, pointed toward a potential sales opportunity.

Learn more here.

Lead Generation

The process of finding, identifying, and engaging potential buyers of your brand’s offerings.



Metrics are a standard of measure that involves using numbers to come to conclusions and focus on counting and tracking the data you have to get a better view on what’s occurring in an organization



Omnichannel marketing has the customer at the center of a seamless, unified experience.”
Omnichannel also means integrating the various data points produced within each channel.

Opt-in(n.adj.), opt in(v.)

When a lead consents to be contacted through a particular channel by your brand, this is called an opt-in. A lead can also opt in to receiving your marketing messages.

A double opt-in is when a user needs to verify their email address and confirm interest. Double opt-ins signify a higher level of interest than a regular opt in.



This is the process of addressing the varying needs of your buyer personas and creating content that appeals to those groups.

On an even more personal level, personalization can also include the name of the individual or relate to a particular action a lead has taken.


In marketing, a qualified and interested individual who, through two-way interaction, has demonstrated they are preparing to make a purchase decision. Read more here .


Social Media Marketing

When a brand posts on and engages with users on a social media platform for the express purpose of finding and generating leads.

Some examples of social media platforms to market on are Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

A type of offering where the company hosts the application and makes it available to customers via the internet.

Subject Line

The line of text that previews the copy of an email. It describes what the email is about and why the lead should open it.


White paper

A PDF or other (normally gated) document that provides information on issues within an industry.

You can pause, play, skip, and replay the call to consume it at your own pace. You’ll get all the information of a typical sales call without the in-your-face pressure to buy. Check it out!

An introductory call is an important step in getting to know a company and deciding if their offerings are a fit for you.

Unfortunately, it often comes with a lot of pressure to move forward from the sales rep on the other end of the line. How can you decide to move forward or not if you haven’t had any time to process the information?

The virtual sales call solves that problem. You’ll get the full experience of talking with one of our most knowledgeable representatives without any of the unwanted pressure.

This call will cover some of the most common discussion points, questions, and concerns, based on data from our actual introductory calls. You’ll get all the information you need to know about HIP B2B, including:

  • Our offerings and how they work
  • Our targeting options and contact database
  • The cost per lead (CPL) and how it is calculated
  • The best kinds of content to promote
  • How we create content for you and get your approval
  • Lead delivery timing and options
  • Campaign duration and payment terms
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