A Quick Start Guide to Building a Winning Outbound Strategy

So much time and effort is spent on inbound sales that outbound sales are often ignored in marketing strategies, but did you know that outbound sales can generate exceptional returns? By using established lead generation methods and consumer analytics, you can create lifelong customers by catering to their future needs. Creating an effective and scalable outbound sales strategy can be time consuming and if you are an entrepreneur with minimal experience, the following guide will help you develop a winning outbound sales strategy.

1. Gather your resources

Like any other campaign, your outbound marketing strategy must focus on attainable goals based on your resources. Spending money on development tools and keeping track of contacts, recent customers and clients are the backbone of executing an effective outbound sales strategy. A B2B lead generation agency can also help raise your outbound sales.

2. Teach yourself how outbound sales success is measured

Since outbound sales have a different outcome in mind than inbound sales, there are a different set of standards used to measure a campaign’s success. Here are the most important and commonly used benchmarks.

A lead conversion rate is the calculation of the number of leads that convert into actual opportunities. This rule will give you insight into a specific segment of a market and its acceptance of your sales efforts.

The call to close ratio consists of personally contacted leads that convert to sales. If your campaign strategy’s effectiveness is high, you will be closing regularly from these contacts. To calculate the email click through rate, divide the number of click throughs on your email and the number messages being tracked. Based on the result, you can gauge whether your message is matching your lead generation strategy in effectiveness.

Time to close means keeping your acquisition tight enough to motivate a fast close. Outbound sales, if they are their most effective, must have a fast closing time to repeat the acquisition process.

Understanding the cost per opportunity means considering how much it will cost to convert the lead and whether or not it aligns with your outbound sales. You should have a handful of close contacts and high quality leads as well as more longshot, or expensive leads to work with.

3. Move quickly

Working fast is paramount to mining the total effectiveness of your outbound sales and lead generation strategy. Remember to research before contacting current and future clients and state your goals and the potential benefits to close high quality sales as quickly as possible. By reminding them of the objectives you have created for both them and yourself, you are building a sense of urgency that will lead to faster closing and future outbound sales.

4. Focus on traditional lead generation

Always think of what you want your customers to do. Create leads with these goals and focus on the right metrics based on your angle of outbound sales. Since there is no universal goal for outbound sales marketing plans, it is up to you to accurately gauge the success of your efforts to streamline their effectiveness.

Here are some of the best strategies for lead generation that can greatly benefit your outbound sales campaign.

Proper Data Analysis: Lead scoring tactics and analytics are crucial to determine where your leads are coming from, in terms of which channels are generating the most leads that are converting in measurable sales.

Draw a Picture of your Target Audience: Keep a close eye on your customer’s behavior through user metrics. Keep in mind their past needs and wants and consider their future motivations. If you understand who your client is, it is that much easier to reach them.

Make SEO a Priority: Getting your service or product to the front page of Google should be a top priority. Keeping your brand or service visible on Google is one of the most effective forms of lead generation. Having your business or service high in the rankings is psychological positive as it establishes you as an authority and highly reliable.

Build and Maintain a Social Media Presence: Social media is an integral part to the modern consumer’s entire experience. They expect that reliable brands, services and products maintain and offer a social media presence that is in line with their own tastes and expectations. Creating a clear image of your ideal customer is important to the success of your b2b lead generation and outbound sales efforts. If you aren’t very knowledgeable about how to make social media work for your efforts, be sure to reach out to someone who does.

Mobile First : 77% of Americans now own smartphones. Focus your lead generation strategies and content on the mobile market. This massive and ever growing percentage of the population is a prime resource for creating leads and your b2b outbound sales efforts.

5. Stay urgent

After you’ve made contact with a cold call email, give them a call. If you are gaining ground in negotiating a sale, don’t give your client more time than they should need to assess the value of their future partnership. If you are looking for a referral, be sure to follow up as soon as possible and to remain vocal about your desires.

6. Write a sales script that gives agency

Sales scripts can be both a blessing and a curse. A well-written script can be repeated but if they don’t work, then you are just wasting time. Develop a sales script with an experienced script writer after noting all the important points of your outbound sales goals. Make sure that your goals are communicated with the benefits of working together to achieve these goals. The best sales scripts touch upon things that the customer has achieved and would likely achieve should they take part in what you are offering them.

7. Don’t ignore cold emailing and phone calls

Some outbound sales techniques are no different from inbound in their essence. Cold emailing can have incredible results if the right clientele is targeted. Writing an email that plainly states your goals and your mission can go a long way in creating a spike in your outbound sales game.

The same can be said for cold calling. While some frown upon cold calling for outbound sales overkill, it boils down to the effectiveness of simple human communication. Once you have the client, all that matters is strong communication and incentivizing them to continue their business with you. If the customer is happy with their product, this isn’t usually difficult for the sales person. Most customers are already looking for new information on their latest purchase or investment, so offering them further information and incentives to continue to do business with you shouldn’t be hard if they are already interested and happy in what they have purchased.

8. Make referrals your bread and butter

Referrals have been shown to be among the most powerful b2b lead generation strategies. If you have established trust among your targeted clients, you are already ahead of the curve. This makes it easier for them to offer or give you a referral. When you’re attempting to obtain a referral through b2b leads, try to be aggressive by asking your client for a referral after you’ve delivered. Having demonstrated your reliability and the quality of your delivery, a respectful client should have no problem with offering to refer your services. Urging the customer to contact the referral beforehand to reference you makes the initial contact less awkward and gives the new customer an opportunity to prepare themselves to meet you and your offer. Offering your client a referral first can also be a bold and powerful statement because this initiates trust and liquid market between you and them.

9. Compile high-quality lists

It is important to be savvy when building your client, contact, and referral lists. You may pay for pre-compiled lists or hiring someone to do the research and outreach for you. Make sure to investigate the methodology and skill set of anyone you are hiring because the quality of the leads will largely guide and determine the fate of your outbound sales efforts and is a key measure among lead generation methods. Wasting precious time dealing with clueless leads or leads that don’t align correctly with your outbound sales strategy lowers your ROI and can lead to disillusionment. Keep the quality of your lists high at all times to avoid this.

10. Create high-quality hybrid content

Inbound and outbound sales techniques are different, but because they rely on similar mediums like verticals, websites, emails, and other online lead generation strategies, it is wise to create content that embraces the best of both worlds. This includes high quality written content, strong call to actions, and appealing visual representations of your outbound sales efforts. Quality hybrid content can shift the sales situation entirely if offered at the right place and time during the user’s experience.

11. Make sure to stay in contact after you have delivered

Keeping in touch is what started your outbound sales campaign in the first place. The relationships you build with your clients and customers are the most powerful thing that will keep them coming back to you. If you can continuously offer them products and services that they are interested in, you will have a customer for life. The only way this can be accomplished is through integrating your inbound and outbound sales campaigns with creative content that focuses on its goals. Part of those goals is giving them an experience they won’t forget while delivering as expected.

As you wrap up your experience with them, be sure to have some analytics prepared to help you walk them right back into your office. Don’t let another sale go just because you’ve created an additional sale. Focus on keeping your customers happy and you will undoubtedly see your b2b demand grow based on your reputation for reliability and following through.

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