Reaching Decision Makers in a Mobile-First World

“…60% of B2B buyers said mobile played a ‘significant role’ in a recent purchase decision.”

With more work than ever being done before, after, and otherwise outside of traditional business hours, mobile devices fill an increasingly important function by keeping employees connected but not tethered. According to a survey by BCG, 60% of B2B buyers said mobile played a “significant role” in a recent purchase decision.

The role of mobile devices will only grow in the coming years. It’s now up to companies to optimize their marketing communications to match. Based on years of mobile-first design experience, HIPB2B’s guide is the perfect mobile-optimized lead generation primer.

Inside Mobile Lead Generation: Reaching Decision Makers in a Mobile-First World, you’ll discover:

  • Statistics on the usage of mobile devices for web browsing, email, and social media
  • The role of mobile in today’s purchase processes
  • 3 techniques HIPB2B uses to create mobile-optimized experiences
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