Lead Generation

Today, the business-to-business (B2B) ecosystem is ruled by self-education. Potential buyers are moving increasingly further through the buying process, often online, without ever talking to a sales rep. The key to developing business relationships is connecting potential buyers with relevant content early in their buying process. Unfortunately, starting a conversation can be one of the most difficult tasks for marketing and sales teams, yet business lead generation depends on it.

Running an outbound lead generation or B2B demand generation campaign with HiP B2B allows you to put your top-of-funnel, educational assets – like white papers and ebooks – in the hands of your target audience. Early-stage involvement with your leads helps to position your company as a trusted advisor and sets your team up for warm, compelling conversations down the line. Forrester Research reports that 65% of decision makers will award business to the company that creates the buying vision.

HiP B2B’s content-centric approach to outbound lead generation uses a multi-touchpoint, email-based campaign to drive downloads of your asset. As the campaign progresses, we generate leads and deliver them in incremental batches until we reach the specified lead allocation. Only after receiving your leads are you invoiced for the agreed-upon CPL.

Our lead generation services can help you generate the business to business leads that enable scalable and sustainable growth for your company. Contact us today and get started with a pilot lead generation campaign.

Get in Touch with the People Who Matter:

  • Target your audience by company, industry, number of employees, and annual revenue
  • Select specific job titles, organization levels, or job functions
  • Limit your search to certain geographies, down to the city and zip code level
  • Further qualify your leads with custom questions

Get a Comprehensive View of your Leads:

  • Demographic information – names, titles, company, address
  • Verified contact information, including phone and business email
  • Engagement information – times, dates, devices, browsers
Lead Gen Pricing 

HiP B2B Lead Generation Services begin at a base CPL of $30. This value can increase or decrease depending on a variety of factors:

  • Increased Targeting Criteria
  • Custom Questions
  • Higher Lead Volume
  • Longer Timeframe
  • Multiple Assets