Campaigns for Early Demand

Form completions are only a small portion of the total engagement in any given campaign. On average, only one of every three users that reach the landing page complete the form.  In other words, a majority of the users that click through your email never see the related asset.

Forms create a lot of friction with your audience. Nobody wants to go through a background check in order to read your content.  Even short forms quickly become a roadblock for prospective readers.  This is especially true today when data security and privacy are top-of-mind for consumers.

Why put a barrier between your audience and your content? If the goal of the campaign is to get the key information in the hands of your ideal customers, why stop two-thirds of your audience from ever getting there?

HIPB2B offers frictionless Campaigns for Early Demand (CED)  for exactly that reason.  The process is exactly the same as a Classic Lead Generation campaign with the exception that there is no form on the landing page.  Instead, users can click to view the asset directly. By matching users to records in our database, HIPB2B is able to provide full business card data for all those who engage with the asset.

Get More Value from Your Campaigns:

  • Fill your CRM with relevant contacts at a greatly reduced cost per record
  • Expand the marketing funnel and jump-start your nurture processes
  • Enable account-based marketing (ABM) by building your reach in targeted accounts
  • Convert missed opportunities with retargeting

“Every marketer must balance the trade-offs of budget, resources, and realistically-attainable results to achieve the optimal formula for his or her funnel. There are times when internal resources are limited but budget is available to drive down-the-funnel leads. Other times, budget is more limited but resources are available to nurture top of funnel leads in pursuit of target attainment.

Aberdeen has partnered with HIPB2B for quite some time to fill gaps in down-the-funnel MQLs and has always done a beautiful job at getting us to the goal at a competitive CPL. Recently with the refinement and optimization of our automated nurture tracks, our need has shifted to require net new names to drive value from our multichannel nurture programs.

HIPB2B’s Early Demand offering has helped Aberdeen maintain a robust database of net new names who are highly targeted and engaged. This offering has allowed is to improve conversion on our nurture programs equal to or better than what we had previously seen while allowing our program to remain successful in an environment of increasing expectations. Depending on the campaigns and segments, we have seen a conversion lift of 15-25% compared to the traditional methods of list buys and have allowed us to demonstrate that our internally-developed nurture programs work as expected.”


– Dennis Behrman, VP of Marketing, Aberdeen Group

Content Creation
All we need is your content. As part of a CED campaign, HIPB2B designs a supplemental content package that consists of a custom email, landing page, and thank you page. We strive to seamlessly match your branding across these items. All aspects are subject to your approval before sending.
Data Verification
HIPB2B has an in-house, entirely US-based Data Verification team. Data Verification ensures the data we deliver to you is the most complete and accurate information available. DV team members research pending leads to confirm information like phone number, job title, job role, and company.
Historical Behavior Scoring
Historical Behavior Scoring (HBS) helps you connect the dots. We use a proprietary algorithm to assign numeric scores to your leads based on the type, frequency, and recency of their engagement with similar offers. Scores can be calculated from overall engagement or confined to a specific time period, from the past couple of weeks to the past couple of years.

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