Historical Behavior Scoring
In reality, the form completion is just one data point in a much longer string of behaviors.

What it is

Traditionally, lead generation has centered on the capture: the moment when the viewer enters their information and clicks submit. Those who did so were considered leads and those who didn’t were not. Though obviously important, the capture provides only a narrow view of a lead.

In reality, the form completion is just one data point in a much longer string of behaviors. Users download content for all sorts of reasons, from evaluating products to just staying up to date. Context is the key to telling the former from the latter.

Historical Behavior Scoring (HBS) helps to connect these dots. Drawing from a pool of more than 300 million emails sent, HIPB2B uses a proprietary algorithm to assign numeric scores to your leads based on the type, frequency, and recency of their engagement with similar offers. HBS allows you to define the time period, from the past couple of weeks to the past couple of years.

We have perfected our unique lead scoring options through years of data. We can help you get the kinds of leads that matter. Contact us today and start building the right lead gen strategy for your business.

Two Ways to Append Historical Behavior Scores:

Lead Gen
Get your content in the hands of your ideal audience. We hand-build a group of contacts from your specific targeting criteria, then deliver your content to them through a series of optimized email broadcasts. You get a validated list of leads, primed for your nurture and follow-up.
Make a splash with a new audience. CED maximizes your reach within your target audience by eliminating the friction of a landing page form. Instead, interested users are sent directly to your content where they can read, save, or share at their leisure. You receive full contact records for all the users who engage with your content.
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