Content Creation
Your content is at the center of any campaign with HIPB2B.  Whether you’re promoting a white paper, report, video, or on-demand webinar, we create the supplemental content needed to deliver your asset to your target audience.

What it is

In a typical email campaign, the promoted content is preceded by a brief email message and an informational landing page. Depending on the campaign, a form and a thank you/confirmation page might also be involved. Together, these items introduce the star of the show, your content. We call them the supplemental content package.

To get your campaign up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible, HIPB2B offers custom copywriting and email design services.  Using your asset as a reference, our in-house creative team assembles all the supplemental content needed to get your campaign off the ground.

How It Works

We create content derived from your asset. It starts with our MarketingSherpa-certified copywriters.  They read your asset and break it down into short-form copy for the email and landing page. They also write an assortment of subject lines for use across broadcasts.

From there, copy is passed to our designers who create an optimized html email and landing page.  All HIPB2B creative is responsively designed for a consistent appearance across all screen sizes.  Our designers are trained to complement branding in the asset and will adhere to any brand guidelines provided.

The finished email and landing page proofs are then passed on to you for approval.  Based on your feedback, any edits are made. The campaign is only cleared to begin broadcasting after you’ve approved the creative.

Content Creation is included in the price of our Classic Lead Generation and Campaigns for Early Demand solutions.  It can also be put to purpose as a standalone service for your own campaigns.

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