Strategies for Business Lead Generation

Building your pipeline and achieving a constant supply of new leads is a significant part of building a profitable business. This can be a challenging and difficult process, but done properly is achievable. The return on resource intensive campaigns accompanied by their content marketing initiatives and consistent A/B testing can however, result in a frustrating marginal improvement in conversion rate. In the distant future, a small change can mean a notable gain, but reaching the long-term goal can be an exhausting one at best.

This is all assuming a person knows where to begin, top that with being short the inspiration or knowledge of how to generate leads and the task seems an even steeper hill to climb. There is a “method to the madness” of strategies for business lead generation, so not all is lost.

Social Media – Build Your Presence

Social media is one of the most cost effective tools available to tell the world who you are, what you are and what you do; and it is free. You cannot get more cost effective than free. This is of course if you do not use it for paid advertising. Social media is your startup’s free off-site promotion.

What should be paid special attention to is visual marketing, it will grab a person’s attention and can make them want to see more. Pinterest and Instagram are two platforms that capture the eyes of consumer and prospective business.

To use these to the fullest advantage, you want to engage your viewers by sharing attractive images that appeal to your target audiences, not just pictures of services and/or products. Use pictures of corporate events, your team members at work and play, any humanitarian campaigns your company participates in, images showing your community support and any other involvements of your business that potential leads might have interest in. Make it personable; let them know you are human. It puts you at a great advantage.

Another thing to include in a lead generation endeavor, is make it a point to share interesting videos and articles you come across on the web, post them on your social media profiles. This can be an opportunity for you build relationships, and partner with other businesses.

Your Site’s Opt-In Offers – Increase, Increase, Increase

This is something that may be thought of as it is possible to “give away” too much, but in reality it is common sense to offer more opt-in opportunities to attract customers. Free opt-in opportunities are a two-fold valuable tool. You get more signups – along with email address to build your email campaign reach – and it is valuable to your audience; they get something useful. Placement of signup forms in your website’s sidebar and at the end of blog posts are ideal focal points.

You may want to turn every piece of content on your website into an opt-in offer. In doing this it is imperative to make the offer so irresistible the visitors cannot help themselves and have to click on the link to download the resource(s) you are offering them. Webinars, PDFs, reports, e-books, white papers, demos and any other informative asset is your advantage. Increasing the number of offers allows you to split test your audience’s preferences too to see what they like best.

Split testing is for everything and everywhere, even where you do not think you need it. Your audience’s point of view is the reason you are able to sell a product or service, it impacts your business. The simplest of test, two words for example – your or my – can make a big difference in conversion.

“Start your 30-day free trial.” versus “Start my 30-day free trial.” can influence reactions. Your implies the company has control, and my implies the potential customer has control. It is a play on words just like have and need. Have implies you are telling a person what to do, but need instills a person needs this to do something to get what they want. It puts the decision in their hands.

To be sure your website visitors see your offers popup tools can be used. There are many to choose from and with a little research you can find the one that fits your needs best.

Signup Forms – Easy and No Hassle

Generally, signing up for a newsletter is easy; the visitor (subscriber) enters an email address, verifies it and viola they start receiving your news regularly. Too often signup forms are complicated and ask too much of the potential lead. If they are not simple, no hassle, short forms even the most willing lead is going to close it and leave. Forms should be uncomplicated and brainless leaving no room for the one filling it out to make errors. It is a pain to go back and make corrections after hitting the submit button. Make it clear for the potential lead to locate errors for corrections. Highlighted errors for required information are ideal for making the form more user friendly. Fortunately, this is a simple fix for you by installing simple JavaScript on your website enabling visitors to make any necessary corrections as they go from field to field.

Remember, the more the fields in the form, the more friction and the chance of losing a lead.

Get Results - Meaningful Search

Think big, act big, be big business. Think like large companies, meaning before you can generate leads you must have a crystal clear understanding of your target audiences, businesses, characteristics. It is also vital to find each company’s influential or decision-making contact points in the process. Create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) of each target lead to streamline their basic characteristics.


Startups can be limited on manpower and budget and unable to have an in-house leads generation team. If this is the case, outsourcing your leads generation may be the answer to overcome such a dilemma. Hiring a third-party company specializing in quality leads generation can prove lucrative for a startup company by expanding demographic reach and obtain higher sales targets. Another benefit is the company is able to focus on their products, services and strategic sales campaigns.

Color Psychology – Basic but Powerful

When it comes to “call-to-action” buttons, color is important. Take the time to find out what color invokes what sense of action. Contrasting colors are prone to more success for call-to-action buttons over complimentary colors. There is more to a button than just “submit”.

With consistent, ongoing strategic efforts, your business lead generation can produce a steady stream. Brainstorm often, test the waters, experiment, tweak your tactics and focus on the most successful strategies. Do not be in a big rush, implement strategically, stay consistent. By staying on track and sticking to the process your conversion rate will increase and you will have more leads for your business.

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